Tittie Tango Drink

This strawberry lemonade refreshment is something like you’ve never had before. Have a few of these summer refreshers and I promise you that by the end of your night, there will be a tittie tango going on.

Tittie Tango


  • 2 oz Strawberry Vodka
  • 4 oz Pink Lemonade
  • 1 oz Sprite
  • 1/2 oz Strawberry Puree
  • 1 Fresh Strawberry


  • Get a nice fancy red solo cup and fill it up with ice.
  • Cut up a fresh strawberry into four slices.
  • First, add in the Strawberry vodka. (If you like Kiwis, use Strawberry Kiwi Vodka)
  • Add Four Ounces of Lemonade (we prefer pink because it makes it look pretty for pictures)
  • Top her off with an Ounce of sprite and a dash of strawberry puree.
  • Throw in the fresh strawberry slices.
  • Mix this bitch till the ingredients meld together.
  • Serve to all the nice ladies at your party. They have a few of these and I promise you that the night will end up in a Tittie Tango!

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