The Ultimate Party Host Sidekick

Chugsy is an all in one house party platform. We have curated everything needed for an awesome house party. No fluff, no gimmicks, just useful shit. We do all the heavy lifting so all you need to do is supply the booze and have a good time. Party on. 

Party Playlists

No more spending hours trying to create the perfect theme for your party. We've put in the hard work. Just push play and relax.

Drink Recipes

Want to switch up your drink or have a themed drink for your party? No problem, we've got tons of super easy recipes to choose from.


Looking for the perfect beer pong team name? Or maybe your next party theme? Check out our generators section for some fresh ideas.


Read up on all things party related to make you the best host and life of the party.

Drinking Games

We'll teach you drinking games that you didn't even know existed. Get ready for a wild time.

Party Swag

Obviously you're going to need some fresh gear for your party. Check out our store for the best on trend party stuff.

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